Electronic Fingerprint Requirement Information

For all DHBC renewal cycles beginning July 01, 2011, electronic fingerprinting will be a required component. If your renewal cycle begins after July 01, 2011, you will be required to have your fingerprints recorded using the Livescan service in California if you have not already done so. Unfortunately, the paper fingerprint cards used historically no longer fulfill this new legal requirement.

The procedure is modern and efficient. The technology is called Livescan and the process is as simple as rolling your fingers on glass. No longer is it necessary to get ink on your fingers.

Livescan is available for applicants and renewal licensees within California. A list of locations can be found here:

California Livescan Locations: https://oag.ca.gov/fingerprints/locations

Please print the DHBC Livescan form and take it to a location listed in the link, above.

DHBC Livescan Forms: /formspubs/index.shtml#forms

Notice: It is important to use the correct DHBC Livescan form as each form contains specific routing information that specifically routes your information to us.

We are prohibited by law to share fingerprint information with any other association. For instance, if you were fingerprinted by DMV, the Dental Board of California, or perhaps for an employment background check, the information you submitted is specific to the association to which your information was submitted. The DHBC cannot request, retrieve, or otherwise legally acquire information previously submitted by you to any other association.