License Verification Instructions and License Status Definitions

You may check on the status of a dental hygiene license here. Examination results are not available online, but once a person passes the examination and a license is issued, it will appear online.

Keep in mind that each dental hygiene licensee is only allowed to perform certain duties. For a publication of all laws and regulations governing dental hygiene, please visit our laws and regulations web page.

Once you have located the individual record for a hygienist, you can also determine what additional duties they are allowed to perform.


You can look up the current status of California-licensed dental hygienist. When you locate the name you are searching for, double-click on the name for more complete information. If there have been any final disciplinary actions against a licensee, that will be noted, and you will find a link to additional information about the enforcement action(s).

How to search for a licensee:

Name: Last Name ONLY or Last AND First Name. Partial last names OR complete last names and partial first names may be used for a search. For example: A search on "jons" will result in a list that includes Jons, Jonson, and Jonsen. This is helpful if you are not sure of the exact spelling of a name. If you know the city or county, adding that information will narrow the search.

Match any part of name: Click this radio button to look up a licensee using any part of his or her name.

License Number: Use numbers only, no alphabetical characters. Searching by license number will locate results for that license number only.

City: You may search for all licenses in a city, OR you may narrow your search by entering a name or license number AND a city.

County: You may search for all licenses in a county, OR you may narrow your search by entering a name or license number AND a county.

New Search: Before starting a new search, use the CLEAR button before entering new information.

When You Find the Name You Want: Be sure to double-click on the name of the person you're searching for to see all the information available.

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License Status Definitions

Current: A current license can be in the “Active” or “Inactive” status. This is defined as the license is valid and has not expired. An Active status license can practice. An Inactive license status cannot practice.

Cancelled: The license has been delinquent for more than five years after which it automatically cancels permanently. A cancelled license cannot be renewed, restored, reinstated or be reissued.

Deceased: The licensee has passed away. This status is only designated when a copy of the licensee's death certificate has been submitted to the Board.

Delinquent: The license expiration date has passed and the license has not been renewed. Delinquent licenses may be renewed within five years before the license is permanently cancelled. Delinquent licensees are not permitted to practice as a Registered Dental Hygienist, Registered Dental Hygienist in Alternative Practice or Registered Dental Hygienist in Extended Functions.

Denied: The license has been denied pursuant to Section 17520 of the Family Code. The licensee does not have the right to practice.

150 Day Temp License: The Applicant or licensee has been issued a temporary 150-day license pursuant to Section 17520 (e)(2)(A) of the Family Code. The licensee may still practice.

Retired: The licensee has been issued a retired license by the Board. A retired license may be re-activated one time only within 3 years of the date the retired license was issued.

Revoked: The license is terminated by the Board as a result of some type of disciplinary action and the right to practice is ceased.

Suspended: The licensee is prohibited from practicing for a specific period of time as a result of a disciplinary action.

Voluntary Surrender/Surrender of License: The license has been voluntarily returned to the Board by the licensee and the right to practice is ceased. Voluntary surrender is usually the result of a disciplinary action.